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Why Hire A Social Media Agency

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, scarcely minutes go by when consumers aren’t glancing at a smart phone, perusing social media, or tweeting their latest activities. We are now, irrevocably, citizens of the digital age. In order to reach their target audience, businesses must conform to the newest means of dissemination of information, or be left in the dust of freshly minted iPhones. Bombarded by a steady stream of information, it’s critical that your company’s voice rises above the deluge, captivating your target audience with its unique message!

Some facts to ponder:

  • In the realm of small business advertising, 90% of small businesses today have a social media presence.
  • Recent studies show that almost 50% of small businesses now dedicate up to 5% of their marketing budget to social media, an indication of the widespread recognition of the importance of a social media presence.
  • K-Swiss shoes is the latest brand to capitalize upon social messenger app Kik’s wide-ranging audience: users who have seen the company’s sneaker ads through the social media app -which offer rewards for views – instigated 25 times higher brand awareness for the company

  • Kellogghas found major success utilizing mobile promo ads through Pandora Bread. Company: analysis confirms that the average person who saw the ad spent $4.09 at a store compared to $3.81 of the control group, signifying that Kellogg’s Pandora ads increased incremental sales by 7 percent!

Digital marketing, only decades ago a fantasy of the future, is now an inescapable reality. What facts should you consider in your search to choose a social media agency?

  • More affordable than traditional marketing

An e-mail or social media campaign can transmit the same message to customers for far less money than a TV, radio, or newspaper ad.

  • Reach more consumers

One tweet, Facebook post, or expertly executed blog entry can reach consumers instantaneously and throughout the world, making your company the buzz of the global community in only hours’ time!

  • Easy to track and proven results

With a wide range of analytics and data we are able to analyze our own marketing campaigns to assess how the campaign performed and how our strategies can be improved. A digital campaign allows you to measure success in real time, allowing you to implement necessary changes almost instantly.

  • Save time and energy

By hiring a social media agency, you’re giving the owners the freedom to focus on what’s really important – growing your business! We know what we’re doing, and have proven success – no need for you to figure out SEO and complex analytics when your attention is best focused upon what matters most – your customers.

 What we deliver:

  • Proven research and analytical strategies to reach a more precisely targeted and larger audience than ever before.
  • Identification of your targeted demographic and development of a sound plan that will increase your customer base, your social reach, and the value you’re bringing to your business.
  • Finally, the increase of your revenue through raising your brand awareness, creating and bringing back return customers, leveraging social media campaigns into new customers, and growing your business from the inside out!

Curious? Interested to know more about how we can serve your company’s unique needs? Contact us today, and join the digital revolution!


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