About This Project


The acknowledged action sports footwear and apparel brand hired MEV to improve their store experience and their marketing strategy.



VANS saw the huge potential of their brand in expanding worldwide. When they came to MEV’s Miami office, they wanted to emulate in specific countries in Latin America, the business model they already had consolidated in the US. The idea of a global brand message together with the local consumer needs adaptation, took VANS to partner with MEV to catch the attention of a latent audience.


The challenge was clear: create a unified marketing strategy that worked across multiple countries with a strong focus on store experience, a core aspect to create brand awareness for most brands.


We understood the importance of communicating the brand’s authenticity and unique lifestyle of Vans. But the strategy wouldn’t just need to meet the needs of action sports enthusiasts and street-style fans —it would also have to work for the company’s wholesale partners and media.


The Strategy


The multidisciplinary team of MEV designed a fully integrated campaign to help VANS improve their brand awareness and performance in Latin America. The project included strong creative content, which was supported by a thorough paid media strategy:


  • A breathtaking, 60-seconds skate video that was produced by MEV and launched on most popular TV channels, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
  • Paid social advertising on Facebook and Twitter.
  • MEV reinvented VANS store experience with a fusion of live band music, in-store skate ramps and new smells giving the stores a fresh appealing look.
  • Messaging matrix with tailored variations for the different channels, platforms, and audiences.
  • We touched base with the biggest influencers in Latin America of skate and surf who wrote about VANS on their blogs.
  • New tournaments sponsored by VANS.
  • Proactive email campaigns to wholesalers and consumers.
  • A measurement strategy to quantify the audience’s emotional reaction to the campaign via both digital performance and social engagement.


The Results