About This Project

Jean Paul Gaultier

MEV creates a full creative visual campaign including photography and editing for JPG.



Jean Paul Gaultier has always made some of the best fashion apparel and fragrances on the planet. His product marketing campaigns reflect the luxury, sophistication and elegance of him as a designer. To that end he wants the best creatives on earth as well.

Today’s fashion consumer is inspired by new trends set by celebrities such as actors, singers and fashion designers. Fashion has become aspirational and most brands tend to sell a lifestyle instead of a product itself. Creative campaigns are addressed to create a mix of feelings and sensations on the final consumer for becoming part of that lifestyle.

The challenge was clear, MEV needed to create an astonishing product campaign to embody JPG’s luxury culture.


The Strategy



Branding & Creative Research: Before developing the campaign, the branding department together with the creative department worked on doing a brand analysis, establishing today’s JPG perception by the consumer, possible creative actions for the brand and a vision of how the campaign will affect the consumer.


Talent Search: MEV’s team hired the most influent faces in the world of fashion to become part of the project.


Photography Session: Our award winning photographers took photos from different angles and perspectives.


Editing Session: According to the creative’s directions, MEV’s editing team gave “magic” to the photos in order to achieve the feeling desired in the final consumer for JPG.


The Results


Branding, Photography