About This Project

Hi Smile Teeth

The most advanced peroxide free teeth whitening products and teeth whitening kits.



When Hi Smile Teeth, the #1 Australia’s teeth whitener entered the US market, they wanted to make a big promotion of their products through local influencers. The HiSmile Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening kit removes all extrinsic stains. Tea, wine or coffee lovers have to worry no more.

MEV chose to partner with top fashionista and beauty expert Tommy Lei, which was a complete success to increase the brand awareness of their products in the US market.


The Strategy


The US is a trend setter country by nature. It welcomes every year thousands of fashion and beauty companies who want to have a global presence. For HiSmile we partnered with Tommy Lei, a top fashion and beauty blogger who has work with brands like Louis Vuitton, H&M, Fossil or Calvin Klein.

The message
: Tommy explained the benefits of HiSmile and how to use their products through a blog on his page, a Youtube video and different Instagram posts.



Influencer Marketing