About This Project

Bondi Sands


Australia’s award winning, salon quality self tanning products.



When Bondi Sands, the #1 Australia’s tan entered the US market, they wanted to make a big promotion of their products through local influencers. The first point of sale for their product was the acclaimed make up store Ricky’s.

MEV chose to partner with top influencers in Miami like Yovanna Ventura and Marcia Jones, which was a complete success to launch their products in the US market.




The Influencers: Miami is synonym of sun and beach. Bondi Sands wanted to be promoted locally through Latin influencers like Yovanna Ventura and Marcia Jones, who are well known in the Miami society and have a high reach. Both influencers identified themselves very well with the product niche, which was perfect for the occasion.

The message
: Beach, sand, water and sun make the perfect atmosphere to advertise a tanning lotion. This is how we wanted to showcase Bondi Sands, as part of the Miami culture and lifestyle.





Influencer Marketing