Influencer Marketing.

Influencers are brand advocates that help brands create authentic

connections with new and existing audiences.

What it is

Influencers are the new wave of digital marketing. Noteworthy online presences, influencers do exactly what the term suggests: they wield a powerful influence on the lives of their followers, influencing followers’ purchases within the influencer’s targeted niche.


MEV manages some of the web’s most powerful influencers. Through this partnership, you can rest assured that your brand will be organically placed on the sites of the most notable presences on the web.


But it doesn’t stop there – Our powerful analytical tools allow us to track in real time whomever and wherever your product placement is mentioned on the web. We then engage those would-be consumers, adding new and valuable members to your brand’s community.

What you can expect

Identifying influencers

MEV builds relationships with influencers that have a high market reach, profound impact on followers, and expertise within their niche.


We assist brands to build the relationships necessary to increase awareness among their target audience, artfully and subtly placing brands on influencers’ platforms.


After your brand is placed, know that we’ll be there, using our analytical tools to engage and create community each time your brand is mentioned in the virtual sphere.

Our Work