Email Marketing.

MEV helps businesses to get the right clients at the right time where they go most: their inbox.

What it is

With a database of over 250 million opt-in e-mail addresses, your custom-designed e-mail marketing campaign is sure to reach its targeted demographic.


Our cutting-edge and industry-lauded tools enable us to finely target your niche, ensuring that your campaign’s message is sent to those who value it most.

Why do you need Email Marketing

Opt-in email marketing is an ideal way of promoting products, services and events to customers, business prospects, members or suppliers who have explicitly requested to receive such email messages.  The top reasons to use email marketing are:


Email marketing has a wide reach

You can reach people on any device

Delivers a high ROI (Return on investment). It is much more cost effective than traditional direct mail marketing, banner ads or telemarketing

Improves brand awareness and engagement

It is measurable

Can be highly customized

It helps your business build credibility

Boost sales

Get immediate results

Generate leads

What you can expect

Html design

Our team of creatives design professional email concepts according to the specific sector of our clients. At MEV we believe that emails shall be transparent, focused, concise, linked and with a very appealing design and colors.


We provide a turnkey solution for html design and content creation. Our team knows all the triggers so the html is not red flagged by mail filters and brought to the spam folder.


With a database of over 250-million opt-in e-mail addresses (no spam marketing, here!) we make it easy to provide tailored lists of leads to exponentially increase our clients’ consumer base.


We provide a geographic research and recommendations, identifying the features of the prospects for your business to be targeted (based on the target market, your product/service and your competitors)


All our campaigns are push for the open, we mark all unopened emails and redeploy a second blast a few days after the first blast in order to achieve the highest open rate.

Go social

We help businesses to extend their reach and build their business by integrating social media into their email campaigns.


Supplement your email marketing campaign with display advertising. Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing technique that allows you to serve ads only to people who have previously visited your website.


We offer our clients the possibility of tracking their success with real-time reporting that makes it easy to plan the next move.

Our Work