The new champion is born.
MEV optimizes Carrera marketing performance driving more traffic and sales to its website.
When we realized that sites like or were performing better than specific eyewear brand sites, like Carrera, on critical unbranded search items, and that most consumers start shopping for sunglasses on third-party sites, MEV’s team knew it was time to test unbranded lifestyle content and measure its performance.
We needed to design a content focused campaign to capitalize on the sheer volume of unbranded search queries in the eyewear industry; to intercept undecided eyewear shoppers at the search engine and drive them to consider Carrera by providing valuable information.
MEV Studios Portfolio Carrera

The Strategy

Content Category Research
: Based on a variety of data, MEV’s team identified two topic categories at the intersection of the most popular searches, least competitive topics, and existing content gaps: fashion eyewear and fashion sunglasses.
Content Development
: MEV created one hundred supporting lifestyle and fashion articles. The content platform enabled the team to assess the content against preset goals, and to coordinate the extensive and formal multi-party review process.
Content Syndication: 
To increase the initial organic search success, MEV promoted the content via their network of more than 150,000 blogs and sites. Links to Carrera’s content appeared at the bottom of native content on highly trafficked sites (Huffington Post, CNN, etc.) under headings like “Related stories from around the web.”

The Results

One month later, revenue from website had increased almost threefold thanks to a 150% increase in traffic and a 70% increase in conversion rates. The fashion and digital commentariat—both notoriously hard to please—praised the site, calling out the rich content, visuals, product focus and sleek.